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Paying Attention to Operational Interdependencies to Drive Outcomes

Finding ways to coordinate patient care is one of the most significant challenges facing the NHS today. This has become even more important and complex over the last few months as the NHS carefully balances capacity for Covid-19 with core day to day NHS services.  

For more than a decade, TeleTracking has worked with the NHS to enable better patient flow and bed management. Our Coordination Centres and operational platform provide centralised and real-time data transparency across all wards and departments, automating processes where possible and empowering people to make the best use of the tools available.

While these centralised Coordination Centres vary in shape and size, they allow hospitals to become even more responsive to pressures by strengthening operational decision making and capacity planning whilst removing manual paper-based processes. To date, TeleTracking has implemented three flagship Patient Flow Coordination Centres across the United Kingdom—more than any other vendor combined.

Deliver Nurse Time Back to Care

Decrease Idle Bed Time & unlock inpatient capacity

Improve A&E Performance

Reduce On Day Cancellations Operations

Reduce Delayed Transfers of Care

Productivity Gains with Real Time Visibility to Beds, Patients, Assets and Staff

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Learn How Patient Flow Coordination Centres Improve Important Care Metrics

For over 30 years, TeleTracking has stayed focused on our mission to ensure that no patient waits for the care they need.

With over 1,100 health systems and 100 Coordination Centres across the US, UK and Canada, we work with our clients to solve both the common and complex patient flow challenges and operational inefficiencies. Our technology focuses on the operational interdependencies, reducing important care metrics like idle bed time, length of stay and delayed transfers of care.

We have developed a phased approach to implementation, starting on a small scale through to enterprise-wide adoption. The pace of change is determined by our clients and driven by the expected outcome timelines for patients, staff and overall performance.

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From Our Clients

What our Clients Have to Say About Us

As a trusted NHS partner for over a decade, we recognise that technology alone isn’t the answer.

We work alongside our clients to embed TeleTracking’s software and optimise workflows so that way staff can focus on their priority, the patient. Coupled with TeleTracking's best practices, our implementation model is designed to deliver long term and measurable benefits for staff and patients.

Clare Panniker, CEO MSE Group

“TeleTracking drives better productivity and better efficiency."

Sophie Castle-Clarke, Senior Fellow, The Nuffield Trust

"Tracking technology can facilitate holistic oversight and coordination across a hospital – completely transforming how flow is managed."

Cheryl Etches Chief Nurse, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS

“I now have access to so much information about patient safety and experience issues. The potential this system offers is phenomenal and can fundamentally underpin the operating framework of our organisation.”

Samantha Goldberg, Director of Operations at Basildon and Thurrock University Trust.

"TeleTracking has been a big game changer for us in supporting the improvement of patient flow through the hospital as well as releasing valuable time back to nurses for our patients."

Kelley Barry, Senior Clinical Applications Analyst, Virginia Commonwealth University Health

“Insight into past, current, and future throughput volume allows an organization to manoeuvre past the bottlenecks and overcrowding that leads to long lengths of stay and diversion hours."

Fred Manchur, CEO, Kettering Health

"This amazing command center will provide the foundation and technology needed to assess health system operations in real-time, to shine the light on bottlenecks before they occur, to predict and manage patient demand, and to proactively assign the right resources."

Paul Davenport, Vice President, Emergency Services & Care Management Services, Carilion Clinic

"TeleTracking’s platform affords my team the situational awareness to respond to and manage operational pressures in real time."

Client Outcomes

For three decades, health systems have relied on TeleTracking's operational platform to manage bed capacity and track patient progression from various access points, through discharge, and into the post-acute care setting.

TeleTracking works alongside its clients to create meaningful system-wide situational awareness and operational foresight to reduce complexity and improve productivity. Our differentiated approach, coupled with our unparallel patient flow expertise, ensures our clients reach their long-term organisational goals whilst delivering the best quality care to patients.

Client Outcomes

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

In 2015, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust implemented a Coordination Centre powered by TeleTracking's patient flow and operations platform.

The Centre provides real-time visibility to beds, patients, assets and staff across the organisation and has been recognised as the "world's first real-time hospital" with the largest global real time locating system (RTLS) deployment.

Client Outcomes

The Mid and South Essex University Hospitals Group (MSE)

In 2018, MSE, a three-hospital healthcare system compromising of Southend University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Trust and Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, implemented a Coordination Centre powered by TeleTracking's patient flow and operations platform.

With more than 1,800 beds, 15,000 staff, 350,000 emergency attendances and 30,00 elective admissions per year, MSE required a centralised Coordination Centre to manage patient flow across all three sites. To date, MSE represents the United Kingdom's first Coordination Centre to manage bed allocation across 3 acute Trusts. 

Client Outcomes

The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

In 2017, The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust partnered with TeleTracking to implement a Patient Flow Coordination Centre to support staff with patient flow and bed management.

The Trust has more than 4,000 staff and provides a range of medical services to more than 445,00 patients per year from Western Cheshire, Ellesmere Port, Neston and North Wales. In partnership with TeleTracking, the Trust will now have access to real-teem data, automated workflows and contextual communication to support with more effective and efficient admissions, placement and discharge processes.

US Client Outcomes

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